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Our Calendar in Longmont, CO

G & M Disposal Calendar

We do not provide disposal services on the following holidays:
G&M Disposal 2017 Holiday Schedule

July 4th: Independence Day
September 4th: Labor Day
November 23rd: Thanksgiving Day
December 25th: Christmas Day
Calendar - dumpster rentals in Boulder, CO
Above is the holiday schedule for 2017. Will be delayed by a day. Please ensure to have all materials out by 7 AM.
For residential garbage pickup and recycling calendar for homes in Boulder County and Weld County, CO, click here.

Help your route drivers stay safe by keeping all areas around your garbage containers clean and free of obstructions on collection day. Please be sure to bag any packing peanuts and other loose garbage that may fly away while we are serving your property. On windy days, we do our best to ensure we that we properly attach the lids on your cans and set the cans in the area lowest to the ground to protect them from high winds.

If you have questions about trash pickup or any of our commercial trash removal services in your area, please contact us. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.